Check it out you can purchase the limited edition Blacknuss magazine by Giorgio Di Salvo here at Unotre. Go get it!

“Blacknuss is an independent editorial project by Giorgio Di Salvo which aims at bringing together a limited but well-chosen number of artists who are drawn to the book’s unifying theme: darkness. In other words: abjection, sadness, gloom, despair, horrifying pain, depression, anger, rage. Basically: all that is dark in the world.
The authors involved for the first part of this project are Erik Brunetti of FUCT, Marco Klefisch from milanese design firm Marte, Le Messie of False, italian illustrator Scarful, TJ Cowgill of Actual Pain, Luca Barcellona, Pane from italian art collective Why Style, and Giorgio Di Salvo from VNGRD.
Blacknuss is published in a very small run (100 numbered copies) and is completely hand made in Italy. Every copy comes packaged in a custom sleeve with an additional booklet.”

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