Probably the greatest movie of all time. 12/16/09

Probably the greatest movie of all time is sleepaway camp and I’ll tell you why. All the way up to the very end, SWC has some most worst acting of all time, and at best laughable death scenes, then out of nowhere the final scene brutalizes your mind. It rivals the scariest moment in any David Lynch film times a million. In fact David Lynch can learn a thing or two from SWC. We all can.

For some reason the actor who plays the sheriff shaves his mustache off before he is done with all his scenes and the people who made the movie decided instead of just explaining that the sheriff shaved or getting a fake mustache, they simply use a piece of black electrical tape on his upper lip. Why on earth would they do that?

To disarm you, to catch you off guard for the final most horrifying scene of all time!

And not to mention everyone swears like a drunk sailor.

Ricky:“No problem Chino, this guy blows dead dogs, just lay it in there.”

Bill: "Eat Shit and die Ricky!

Ricky: “Eat shit and live bill.”

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