Off The Hook and Actual Pain 06/02/10

Greetings. We are now selling to this great shop called Off the Hook in Montreal. Their order is in the mail and should be there this week...

Check out this interview we did with them over at their blog

You know what I forgot to mention? The last time I was in Montreal was with Watain from Sweden and our show got canceled because they were killing pigeons in the parking lot with slingshots and, I shit you not, they had a box with a stick holding up a corner and a string attached to it with bread crumbs under the box so when the pigeons would go under the box to eat the crumbs, they'd pull the string trapping the bird. It was like a black metal Bugs Bunny cartoon. The fucked up part is that it actually worked pretty well.

They needed the pigeons for their blood. They tried to buy some crusties dog but they weren't selling.



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