Actual Pain presents: Lesbian Music a new mixtape by FLIGHT 06/08/10

Maybe you're totally cool and you already knew how radical FLIGHT was. Or maybe you're like me and you had no idea they (he) existed until they emailed you a fucking stellar mixtape for your clothing brand. Click the pic to download…

Check out what our mutant bros over at Mishka wrote about FLIGHT on their blog

Longmont Potion Castle - Lesbian Music {excerpt} 

Sexual Harassment - I Need a Freak 

Roni Griffith - Mondo Man 

Acid Mother's Temple - Reverse of Universe {excerpt}

Peter Godwin - Torch Songs 

Jonathan Halper - Leaving My Old Life Behind 

Giorgio Moroder - Son Of My Father

George Phillips - Early Moog #3 

A Raincoat - It Came in the Night

OMD - Genetic Engineering

Darktown Strutters - (Grab A) Silver Bullet

Prince - If I Was Your Girlfriend Absolute Body Control - Figures

The Rockets - On The Road Again

Gary War - Eye In The Sky

FLIGHT - Johnny's Chopped and Screwed

Vernon Wray - Only Son

This Living Hand - Marshmallow Girl

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