King Dude // Vice Magazine Interview 09/02/10

A nice fella named Nick Gazin did a really candid interview with me for Vice Magazine after the Mishka 350 Broadway store instore. The show was super fun and so was hanging out with all my NY friends. Two days just isn't long enough!

Read the full article here.

Oh and me playing there caused one of the interns to quit because of Mishka's "occult" connections, and a King Dude instore was the final straw. Good for you kid, you probably really should've quit because you were working at a place without getting money in exchange for long hours of remedial tasks, but hey, who am I to judge? If you gotta not make money, you gotta do whatever you gotta do to not make money. Kudos!

King Dude Gets Interviewed and Performs "No One Is Here" from Nick Gazin on Vimeo.


And the show the next night at Glasslands was so much fun. I got to meet Todd Pendu who put the show together and Sean from Cult of Youth played a killer solo set. Not to mention Kendra and Bryan from White Ring DJ'd and Kendra sang "Slaves" with me live! And Cosmetics finishing off the evening was the perfect finish to a perfect night. 

Click here for pics from Glasslands.


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