No Birth Without Blood - A Mixtape Compiled by Travis Ryan of Cattle Decapitation 08/25/11

Travis Ryan, the singer of Cattle Decapitation compiled this tape a little while ago and we love it. It's definitely not what one would expect from one of the best grindcore vocalists in the world (there's not a single blastbeat on the tape) but that's not to say it's not heavy as shit. For example, the tape ends with what sounds like a Satanic child murder replete with the echoing sobs of a terrified infant, but in reality it's a recording of Travis's own Catholic baptism. Enjoy!


1. Boyd Rice - "Eternal Ice"
2. Death in June - "Accidental Protoge"
3. Diagnose Lebensgefahr - "Transformalin"
4. Boyd Rice - "People" vs. Lurker of Chalice - "Minions"
5. Langley Schools Music Project - "God Only Knows" vs. Thomas Koner - "Nieve Penitentes 1"
6. Throbbing Gristle - "Almost Like This" vs. A.A. Allen Miracle Revival Ministries' exorcism of a drug addict
7. Michael Gira - "Failure"
8. Von Kessels vs. My Baptism, 1975


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