Actual Pain Presents: N|GHTCH|LDE "VOW OF SILENCE" Mixtape 10/17/11

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We are very proud to present this dance masterpiece from none other than LA's immensely talented N|GHTCH|LDE. You might remember his mix he did for Mishka awhile back called MINDJAIL which is a weed reference, which I love. VOW OF SILENCE is N|GHTCH|LDE's sequel to MINDJAIL, a three part mixtape epic that will burn holes in your brain (the third part isn't out yet, but it will be a brain burner for sure). On VOS, N|GHTCH|LDE takes you on a journey through early 90's microhouse and beyond that is at once hypnotizing and epic. I can see a Party Girl era Parker Posey surrounded by drag queens and drugged out party kids dancing the night away in some NY warehouse to this mix. 

N|GHTCH|LDE is a resident at LA's best wave night, Killing Spree. Go check it out!

Kangding Ray - Altiz (N|GHTCH|LDE REM|X)
John Gaiser - Egress
Carlo Lio & The Junkies - Go Ahead Listen
Johannes Hell - The Magician (Thomas Schumacher Remix)
Fabrizio Maurizi - Ollie
Hollen - Black Wash
Andrea Roma - Massive Dynamics
Spektre - Flux
Maximus Leads - Plastic
Peter Van Hoesen - Terminal
Barem - Cilindro
Ambivalent - Train To Baltimore
Maxime Dangles - Firewire
Marko Fuerstenberg - Falling Leaves

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