Actual Pain Presents: Desir, Desire - A Mixtape By: Ensemble Economique & Peite Danseuse 03/16/12

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Recently I had the pleasure to play a show with Ensemble Economique here in Seattle and suffice to say, we became fast friends. So it makes total sense for EE to compile this sick tape with the help of his current muse Petite Danseuse from Russia. 


Ensemble Economique & Petite Danseuse: Désir, Desire

Track listing:

1. Mellow Grave, Melatonin
2. Unison, Outside
3. Past Desires, Heathers
4. Jesse Ruins, Shatter The Jewel
5. Ghost Animal, In Your Room (Golden Axe remix)
6. Mellow Grave, Wood Grain
7. Purple, I Will Never See You Again
8. Boy Friend, Egyptian Wrinkle
9. Prince Rama, Golden Silence
10. Hybryds, La Première et La Dernière
11. Happy New Year, Winter Sun
12. Psychic Ills, Mantis

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