Actual Pain - Limited Edition Posters 08/07/12

As you all may or may not know, we love posters. Real posters that are hand screened, really big, and awesome. So when our pals at Broken Press asked us if we would ever make posters for Actual Pain with our designs we couldn't believe we hadn't thought of it sooner. Here we have four of our designs, each hand screened on matte black paper and limited to 50 prints each. Each poster measures in at 18" X 24", is hand numbered in the bottom left hand corner and embossed with the Pyramid Logo on the bottom right hand corner - For authenticity of course! They're already selling really fast so don't wait, these will not be reprinted!

Buddy Unholy // 18" X 24" Poster

America // 18" X 24" Poster

Marilyn // 18" X 24" Poster


Acid Wolf // 18" X 24" Poster

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