Black Marble Made A Mixtape For You 10/03/12

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Black Marble - Pretender (The Kolour Kult Beach at Dusk Remix)

Total Control - The Hammer

Thomas Leer and Robert Rental - Day Breaks/Night Heals

Prefects - Faults

Chris & Cosey - October Love Song

Solid Space - Contemplation

Rosenkopf - Burning Spirit

Los Microwaves - Radio Heart

Flux of Pink Indians - Tube Disasters

Thurston Moore - Psychic Hearts

We like Black Marble. Not just floors and countertops made of black marble, we also like the cold wave duo known as Black Marble. So it makes sense that we had them make us a mix tape. Check out their excellent video for the song Backwards and get their new record A Different Arrangement over at Hardly Art on October 9th.

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