Erika // Dress // All Over Print — $ 58.00

One of the first dogs I remember having when I was kid was a German Shepherd named Erika... She was awesome, she used to eat bees in the backyard and I loved her. This a photo collage of all The Process Church of The Final Judgement's Alsatians that they had. If you don't know about the Process check them out.

This dress is printed using a special Dye Sublimation Process* and the shirt itself is 100% polyester, giving it a super soft hand.

Size chart:

Small - 15.75" wide at chest, 32.25" in length from neck to hem

Medium - 17.75" wide at chest, 33.75" in length from neck to hem

Large - 18.5" wide at chest, 34.75" in length from neck to hem


*Due to the direct to garment printing method, there may be some areas around the sleeve that do not print entirely.