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"Fuck All Y'All" by Grave Babies, "Fuck Yr Mixtape" by Tearist, "Desír, Desire" by Ensemble Economique/ Petite Danseuse,

"In His Name" by Gucci Goth, You're Everything To Me" by Deafheaven, "Vow of Silence" by N|GHTCH|LDE

"Jessica Alba Welcome's a Baby Girl" by Wavves, "No Birth Without Blood" by Travis Ryan/Cattle Decapitation, "Black Ecstasy" by Pictureplane

"Penitence and Penance" by Santa Muerte, "Freedom Through Sorcery" by KVOHST, "Scorpio Musikk" by Chelsea Wolfe and White Horse

"Shivering & Shaking" by Dream Boat, "Down N Out" by Party Trash, "Minus Something" by White Ring

"Tomorrowland" by Ryan Patterson/Coliseum, "Lesbian Music" by FLIGHT, "Lords of Light" by Mater Suspiria Vision

“Actual Pain Tape” by oOoOO, “Let’s Meet at Midnight” by Pink Priest, “Dream Awhile. Scheme Awhile.” by Trash Talk

“Darklands” by Blessure Grave, “At the Mountains of Madness” by Fenriz, “Since our Last Report Many Things Have Changed” by Jokers of the Scene

“Wildlife: A Black Metal Tape” by Mel, “A Sonic Youth Mix Tape” by Emily, “Not This Year” by Blesone

“Classwar Tape” by Actual Pain, “Denim & Leather Tape” by Actual Pain, “Sex Tape” by Krames.

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