Dario Leather Gloves, Sixth Seal Polos and more... 01/02/12

We went and made the perfect polo shirt! Introducing the Sixth Seal Polo. It's the got Sixth Seal logo over the left chest and is the softest, highest quality 100% cotton piqué available! We have it in three colors -Black on BlackRed on Black, and Cream on Black. Available online only.

DARIO // LEATHER GLOVES are the companion piece for the Argento // Folding Knife which we have restocked 13 pieces of. 100% Lambskin, 100% awesome. Available online only.

PYRAMID LOGO // TAG // KNIT HATS are another new classic. Features a discharge screened fabric tag on a knit hat available in three colors.


:Of The Wand And The Moon: "The Lone Descent" 12/25/11


If you haven't gotten "The Lone Descent" by :Of The Wand And The Moon: yet, do yourself a xmas favor and pick it up. They have been a huge influence on my band King Dude and meeting Kim this September at DDF in Berlin was definitely a highlight of the year for me. 

And as a bonus this song "We Are Dust" has been stuck in my head since it came out last year... Kim and  OFTWATM are truly creating modern classics. 

Happy Yule Tidings to all of you!


White Ring // Crypts // Crystal Hell Pool 12/19/11


I might DJ this night too. And Zane from Killing Spree in LA might as well. Gonna be sick, go. 


Winter Collection // Available Now // Online Only 12/12/11


Tis' the season and we just restocked the shop with some great new holiday gear! Like our new style of leggings, Sixth Seal shown below on the immensely talented Chelsea Wolfe. Check out her new record Apokalypsis out now on Pendu Sounds.

Check out the shop for other great new items to keep you warm this winter, but don't wait, it's already flying out the door!


Actual Pain Presents: Second Sight with guests White Ring 12/06/11


This Friday, I will be playing the shit out of a bunch of Wax Trax records I got in San Diego. See you all there!


King Dude - SF - Show Today at Loved to Death 12/01/11

Come by Loved to Death for the instore today, I'll have all three King Dude LPs with me if you missed the show last night!


King Dude - SF Show - Tonight! 11/30/11


I'll be playing a show tonight at the Elbo Room with two really great bands and will have my new records from Dais on hand as well as both other LPs. I hope to see all my SF friends tonight!


CA // Covered in Gold 11/28/11

I don't know much about rap music, and to be honest I am not sure that this is rap or not, but anyways check out this new video from SF's CA. I want a ride around in a limo and smoke drugs now thanks.


Black Friday Sale is Here! 11/24/11

I know it says that it starts at Midnight on Thursday but we meant Midnight on Friday PST, you know what we meant. Use the code: BLACKFRIDAY at checkout for 50% off everything, and we mean everything. The sale will rage on now through Sunday at midnight. Good luck and happy hunting!


King Dude // Big Blue Eyes Video // West Coast Dates 11/23/11

Here's the latest video from my band (it's just me really) King Dude for a song called "Big Blue Eyes". Alice Cohen directed this and did all the stop motion. She's an incredible artist and I was honored to work with her on this project. I hope you enjoy it! Also I am heading out for a few select West Coast dates, so if you wanna come see me play these songs or say hello this is where I'll be. I will have some copies of my new record "Love" for sale at these shows too.


THURSDAY DEC 1ST - SF - LOVED TO DEATH (instore performance)

FRIDAY DEC 2ND - LA - VACATION VINYL (instore perormance)





Actual Pain Presents: Gucci Goth "In His Name" 11/21/11

A few months ago we were in Berlin for Drop Dead Fest and the first person we met wearing Actual Pain was Daniel the man behind the Gucci Goth tumblr. Then he played records at DDF so loud that I thought I was going to throw up my intestines. So of course we asked him to make us a mixtape. And of course it's fucking awesome. Enjoy!

Gucci Goth - In His Name

DEATHFACE - Fall of Man
NIN - Deep
SNAP - The Power (Leatherface Juke Remix)
GNAW THEIR TONGUES - My Body is Not a Vessel, Nor a Temple. It's a Repulsive Pile of Sickness
NIRVANA - Vary Ape
EC8OR - Dirt
HECQ - Tiamat
HUSSLE CLUB - Loose Tights (Flinch Remix)
MINISTRY - Flashback
ANDROID LUST - In The Arms Of The Heretic
HTRK - Synthetik
SCORN - On Ice
BROKEN NOTE - Mortal Bass



Haunted Horses // Wands 11/16/11

HAUNTED HORSES//WANDS from Emily Denton on Vimeo.

Emily made this amazing video for local Seattle band Haunted Horses this weekend. Mind blowing. She demonstrates the surreal elements of a dream while weaving them seamlessly with the band's nightmarish music. This is one of the many reasons I love her. She is really good at art.


Hat Restocks Online Now! 11/09/11


We've restocked all the best sellers from our summer collection in black on black an cream on black including Pentangled, Beyond the Unholy Grave, Roots Logo, and Script Logo. Also we brought back the Pyamid logo in cream on black and never before seen in black on black. Get em while you can! 


Argento // Folding Knife 11/04/11

We're happy to present the Argento Folding Knife. Available in our store now. Limited to 25 pieces.


Second Sight 11//11//11 11/03/11

I am so stoked to be welcoming for the first time ever, S4NTE_MU3RTE to Seattle to play a set with us at Second Sight! And I couldn't have picked a more star-aligning date 11//11//11. See you all there!

Oh and in case you missed the mix he did for us awhile back here it is again! Click the pic to download...

Actual Pain Presents:

A mixtape by Sante Muerte

cop killer intro-body count
16 on death row-2pac
big ant tape collage
high for this- the weeknd
lucky- nike7up (thief in the night mix)
in heaven- lady in the radiator
storm column- gatekeeper
it's all forgotten now- caretaker
if you were my man- linda perhacs
who'll fall- coil
lucifer (vocal)- of the wand & the moon
off to the witch- wild eyes
fields of rape-death in june
ea, lord of the deeps- burzum


King Dude "Love" Pre-order 11/02/11

Available November 5th, my first proper full length "Love" out on Dais Records. There are going to be a certain number of these pre-orders that will be receiving hand made limited posters and puzzles, created by the cover artist. Don't wait, pre-order now!


Front Cover - with die cuts


 Back Cover - with die cuts 


Actual Pain Presents: Deafheaven "You're Everything To Me" 10/26/11

Click the pic to download...


Deafheaven hand down this beautifully minimal mixtape titled "You're Everything To Me". It's not exactly what you's expect from the heavy and quite maximal outfit such as Deafheaven but that's what makes us love it. And it makes sense in way, there is an apocalyptic and beautiful tone to this tape and when you hear Deafheaven's music the same sentiments resonate. Check them out, they'll be on tour this November across the US with Russian Circles and from what I hear their live show is as crushing as their as music.

Actual Pain Presents: Deafheaven "You're Everything To Me" 

1. Memoryhouse - When You Sleep
2. Jeff Buckley - I Know Its Over
3. Mum - Moon Pulls
4. Velvet Underground - Pale Blue Eyes
5. Bob Dylan - Girl from the North Country
6. Beatles - Anna (Go To Him)
7. Skeeter Davis - The End of the World
8. Morrissey - Seasick, Yet Still Docked
9. Chelsea Wolfe - Dreamer
10. Neil Young - Philadelphia


New Jewelry in Stock! 10/21/11







Now online in our shop and shipped to better stores worldwide!


New Hats in Stock Now! 10/19/11

We FINALLY got two new snapback hats in stock. Restocks coming soon! Go now! We have a very limited stock!


Actual Pain Presents: N|GHTCH|LDE "VOW OF SILENCE" Mixtape 10/17/11

Click the pic to download...


We are very proud to present this dance masterpiece from none other than LA's immensely talented N|GHTCH|LDE. You might remember his mix he did for Mishka awhile back called MINDJAIL which is a weed reference, which I love. VOW OF SILENCE is N|GHTCH|LDE's sequel to MINDJAIL, a three part mixtape epic that will burn holes in your brain (the third part isn't out yet, but it will be a brain burner for sure). On VOS, N|GHTCH|LDE takes you on a journey through early 90's microhouse and beyond that is at once hypnotizing and epic. I can see a Party Girl era Parker Posey surrounded by drag queens and drugged out party kids dancing the night away in some NY warehouse to this mix. 

N|GHTCH|LDE is a resident at LA's best wave night, Killing Spree. Go check it out!

Kangding Ray - Altiz (N|GHTCH|LDE REM|X)
John Gaiser - Egress
Carlo Lio & The Junkies - Go Ahead Listen
Johannes Hell - The Magician (Thomas Schumacher Remix)
Fabrizio Maurizi - Ollie
Hollen - Black Wash
Andrea Roma - Massive Dynamics
Spektre - Flux
Maximus Leads - Plastic
Peter Van Hoesen - Terminal
Barem - Cilindro
Ambivalent - Train To Baltimore
Maxime Dangles - Firewire
Marko Fuerstenberg - Falling Leaves



Actual Pain // You Say Above, I Say Below // Faul 2011 10/07/11

Here it is, our lookbook for Fall 2011. It will be online Monday, already shipping to better stores worldwide! Thanks to Demetry, Emily, Alessandro, and Josh for modeling. And a special thanks to Johnny Teardrop for supplying the music!


IDLM / Interview 10/06/11

I did a little interview for one of our new stores I Don't Like Mondays a couple days ago, check it out here. It's always nice when the questions are good, it always makes for a way better interview.

We love IDLM because they curate their shop really well and shoot everything better than we tend to ourselves. It's nice to see Actual Pain stuff look so good! Check them out online or if your in the big apple they are located on the LES.



Actual Pain Presents: "Jessica Alba Welcome's a Baby Girl" A Mixtape by Wavves 09/26/11

Nathan from Wavves threw together this little jem of a mixtape for us and we love it. It's all over the board, but it makes sense especially if you can imagine how stoned Nathan was when he made this. I mean Fleetwood Mac into Slayer? I hope he was stoned... Enjoy! 

Click the pic to download...


1. Fleetwood Mac - "Everywhere"
2. Slayer - "Aggressive Perfector"
3. Aaliyah - "Age Ain't Nothing But a Number"
4. Swans - "Halflife"
5. Pant - "Mother FO"
6. Young Dro - "Money Machine"
7. Buddy Knox - "A White Sport Coat"
8. Ramones - "Judy is a Punk"
9. Mark Copage - "Who Can I Turn To"
10. Agent Orange - "Everything Turns Grey"
11. Void - "Who Are You?"
12. Nirvana - "Negative Creep"
13. Devin The Dude - "Lacville '79"
14. Lil Boosie - "On My Level (Feat. Quick)"



King Dude - Paris Show - Aprill 77 09/16/11


I'm really excited to be playing at Candelaria in Paris soon. The only sad part is tour is almost over. We've met so many wonderful people, stayed at wonderful places and have been kissed on the cheeks like a million times. I hate to say it, but touring Europe beats the living shit out of touring the US. 

The show in Paris is in the basement of a Taqueria ( ! ) and it has been organized by our dear friends over at April 77. A while back they used one of my songs, White Hands, for their look book video. I am really excited to get to meet them face to face, and get some new jeans to bring back to the US!


Cult of Youth // King Dude // Alice Cohen 09/06/11


The last show of our King Dude tour will be in Brooklyn NY at Live with Animals with Cult of Youth and Alice Cohen. This is one of the final shows before they demolish Monster Island. Hope to see you all there!




No Birth Without Blood - A Mixtape Compiled by Travis Ryan of Cattle Decapitation 08/25/11

Travis Ryan, the singer of Cattle Decapitation compiled this tape a little while ago and we love it. It's definitely not what one would expect from one of the best grindcore vocalists in the world (there's not a single blastbeat on the tape) but that's not to say it's not heavy as shit. For example, the tape ends with what sounds like a Satanic child murder replete with the echoing sobs of a terrified infant, but in reality it's a recording of Travis's own Catholic baptism. Enjoy!


1. Boyd Rice - "Eternal Ice"
2. Death in June - "Accidental Protoge"
3. Diagnose Lebensgefahr - "Transformalin"
4. Boyd Rice - "People" vs. Lurker of Chalice - "Minions"
5. Langley Schools Music Project - "God Only Knows" vs. Thomas Koner - "Nieve Penitentes 1"
6. Throbbing Gristle - "Almost Like This" vs. A.A. Allen Miracle Revival Ministries' exorcism of a drug addict
7. Michael Gira - "Failure"
8. Von Kessels vs. My Baptism, 1975



King Dude - European Tour 08/17/11

So most of you know by now that in addition to creating clothes for Actual Pain I also play music. I am King Dude, as well as in Cross and Book of Black Earth. I have been playing music for years and to go to Europe to play has been a lifelong dream of mine. Now it's finally coming true. If you are in any of these cities and would like to come out please do, we will have a drink and you should show us around.

Emily and I are most interested in your country's weird cigarettes and candy so those types of gifts are highly encouraged! Or at the very least, you could point us in the direction of where to purchase them. I also am going to that skull church in Prague for sure, are you kidding? I'm gonna try and take one of those skulls home with me, who'd notice? There's literally like, a million fucking skulls up in there. Also I'd like to see some regular churches too. And eat some weird food. Overall just hang out so we'll see you over there!


Pictureplane - Black Ecstasy 08/15/11

Pictureplane stopped by Seattle last week, so you know we had to invite him to the warehouse to get some new digs (that's old timer speak for swag)! it was rad to finally meet him and get to see him play live. We asked him to make us a mixtape a little while ago and it's a face melter for sure. He named it "Black Ecstasy". How awesome is that?

Click the pic to download...



ritualz “laguna”

hollagramz “axis” (strange powers magnetic storm remix)

the streets “blinded by the lights” (nero remix)

splurt “the return VIP” (mega refix)

nicki minaj “monster” (total freedom edit)

DVA “bullet a go fly” ft badness, killa p, riko, and flowdan

damscray “darkness”

pictureplane “post physical” (fire for effect’s post grave remix)

LIL internet “i want to be free”

maxsta “east london is back”

schwarz “where da freaks at”

unicorn kid “wild life” (blessings remix)

raleigh moncrief “lament for morning”

psychic tv “just drifting” (midnight)


Since PP was here we decided to do a little impromtu photoshoot.


Pictureplane with Hollagramz (Corey and Ron) and their Tour Manager Alex.

These guys are all totally stellar dudes. We were very happy to have met them! They're still on tour make sure you catch them tomorrow night at the Echo in LA, with oOoOO, Hollagramz, Javelin, and slew of LA DJs that will never let you leave the Rave Cave. 


Second Sight - This Saturday at Black Lodge 08/11/11


If you missed out last month, you definitely know you better go. This is the best dance party in Seattle, hands down. See you Saturday!


All of Them Witches - Jewelry Collection 08/08/11


We got our new jewelry online, check it out. Thanks to Ryan for modeling the Vintage Charm Skull Earring! 


All of Them Witches - Warehouse Sale 07/27/11


See y'all there! 



All of Them Witches Lookbook 07/22/11


This drops next week! Shipping to better stores worldwide now... Directed by Emily Denton. Music by TJ Cowgill. Models: Sean Prince of Tit Pig and Gabi Page-Fort of Stickers. Thanks to Sean, Gabi, Dimitri and Sarah for their help!


Snapback Hat Preview 07/11/11

Here's a little sneak peak of the hats we have dropping this summer... Expect the store to be restocked with all new hats, tees, tanks, crews, and jewelry early next week...

Pentangled black Snapback with cream embroidery.

Script Logo black Snapback with cream embroidery.

More photos coming this week!


Second Sight the Second Friday Night of July... 06/21/11


Hey everyone, thanks for taking advantage of our 40% off sale! We can't express how grateful we are to our customers, you guys keep the Actual Pain machine going strong!

Anyways, we are going to start throwing a monthly party every second Friday of the month called Second Sight. The first one is on Friday July 8th. The idea is that together, we can foster a place for the friends and family of Actual Pain to get together and dance but also a way for all the people in this town to come out and celebrate our city, our common and not-so-common threads, and a lot of exciting music that's happening not only in this town and the rest of the world.

The venue is Black Lodge, a great DIY all ages venue located at the bottom of Capitol Hill. The music will be a lot of different dark dance music and, eventually, we will feature bands that will also get a chance to guest DJ along side us.

To me Second Sight is an extension of our mixtape page, and I plan on working very hard to showcase some of the best underground music (past and present) from around the world. Who knows? With your support, Second Sight could become the night to play for artists not only locally, but from all across the globe.

Thanks again, to you, for showing the world Seattle is still a thriving artistic place to call home! Without your support this would all be impossible!

Oh and if your a band, DJ, or label person and are interested in playing our party hit me up at info@actualpain.org with Second Sight in the subject line and I will attempt to make it happen.

Thanks! - TJ


SUMMER SALE! 06/14/11



New Mixtape from Santa Muerte 06/10/11

Here's another new mixtape! Santa Muerte is the brains behind the 120 minutes night in SF, if you ever get a chance to go do yourself a favor and check it out! Click the pic to download...

Actual Pain Presents:

A mixtape by Sante Muerte

cop killer intro-body count
16 on death row-2pac
big ant tape collage
high for this- the weeknd
lucky- nike7up (thief in the night mix)
in heaven- lady in the radiator
storm column- gatekeeper
it's all forgotten now- caretaker
if you were my man- linda perhacs
who'll fall- coil
lucifer (vocal)- of the wand & the moon
off to the witch- wild eyes
fields of rape-death in june
ea, lord of the deeps- burzum


New Mixtape from Kvohst... 06/01/11

Here's another new mixtape, this time by Kvohst all the way from Finland! You may know of Kvohst from his very cool folk band Hexvessel, or maybe from his seminal black metal band Dødheimsgard, either way he fits right in around here.

This is a bit of a change of sorts from the mixtapes of late, so I really hope you enjoy it!

Click the pic to download...

Actual Pain Presents:

A mixtape by Kvohst of HEXVESSEL

1) "Aimless Lady" - Suck (1970)
2) "Drugs" - Gift (1972)
3) "Wizard's Council"  - Sorcery (1978)
4) "Osman Pehlivan"  - Arif Sag (1973)
5) "The Lions" - Bent Wind (1969)
6) "Dream Chart" - Ticket (1972)
7) "Child Of The Golden Sun" - Cosmic Dealer (1971)
8) "Demon & Eleven Children" - Blues Creation (1971)
9) "Living for myself (King Dreamer)" - Charlies (1970)
10) "When It All Gets Old" - Blue Cheer (1969)
11) "Mad Lover" - Jenghiz Khan (1971) 


Erin Morrison Show // Thursday June 9th 05/26/11


 Coming Soon! Check out the mega-talented work of Erin's on her website! You don't want to miss this one...


Chelsea Wolfe // White Horse // Scorpio Musikk 05/19/11

New mixtape from CW and Ben Chisholm aka WHITEHORSE from LA... Enjoy!

Click the pic to download...

Go pick up the new Chelsea Wolfe record from Pendu!


Actual Pain // Warehouse // Now Open for Private Shopping 05/06/11

Actual Pain Warehouse - Open Wednesday through Sunday 12pm to 7pm - Closed Monday and Tuesday. By appointment only. Email info@actualpain.org to set up an appointment.


Suspiria Screening and 30% Off Sale! 05/04/11


Come by for the second Thursday artwalk on Capitol Hill. We will be showing Suspiria, drinking beers, and having a 30% off sale.

Hope to see you all here!


Owleyes // Astral Eyes // Love From LA 05/04/11


Owleyes from LA is an old personal friend of ours who is responsible for two of the designs this season, Rose Clouds and Siren's Song. We were very excited to get to use a couple of his pieces for Actual Pain, his work tends to blow our collective minds! Check his work out here...



Destroyer Denim Vests Restocked 05/02/11


Now available in our shop!



Spring Launch Party // Recap 04/19/11

This was a lot of fun! Thanks to Callum, Richie, Bryan, Will, Alchemy Tattoo, Pabst and everyone for coming through and helping make this our biggest and best sale to date. We will be doing something else soon, so stay tuned!


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